Clustering Methods and Topographic Factor Analysis (TFA) on the BOLD5000 fMRI dataset for study of correlation between image semantics and cortical regions


Content-based Onboard Summarization to Monitor Infrequent Change (COSMIC): Random Forest and FCN-based Martian Swiss cheese detection

Speech-to-Text Web App

Flask-based web application that records sound (as PCM/WAV) and converts speech to text via Google Cloud Speech API

Fake News Stance Detection Seminar

Seminar on stance detection models involving MLPs, CNNs, gradient-boosted Decision Trees, etc. (implemented in TensorFlow, Theano)

Medical 3D Display

Visual demo of interactive side-by-side view of the human heart, one generated by a trained AI engine and the other from real MRI data

Daum News Crawler

Web crawler that collects Daum News article data, implemented as part of a project for fake news detection engine development