Pose Estimation

CNNs for spacecraft relative pose estimation: ASPP + Homoscedastic Uncertainty Loss Weighting / Cross-Domain Spherical Embedding / Transfer Learning (Keras + TensorFlow)


Coordinate Ascent Variational Inference (CAVI) for Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)


Clustering Methods and Topographic Factor Analysis (TFA) on the BOLD5000 fMRI dataset for study of correlation between image semantics and cortical regions


Content-based Onboard Summarization to Monitor Infrequent Change (COSMIC): Random Forest and FCN-based Martian Swiss cheese detection

Speech-to-Text Web App

Flask-based web application that records sound (as PCM/WAV) and converts speech to text via Google Cloud Speech API

Fake News Stance Detection Seminar

Seminar on stance detection models involving MLPs, CNNs, gradient-boosted Decision Trees, etc.

Medical 3D Display

Visual demo of interactive side-by-side view of the human heart, one generated by a trained AI engine and the other from real MRI data

Daum News Crawler

Web crawler that collects Daum News article data, implemented as part of a project for fake news detection engine development